ASTM D6878 Update
TPO Membrane Standard

Heat and UV exposure are two of the most detrimental factors affecting the useful life of roofing membranes today.  ASTM standards identify the minimum lefels of exposure to heat and UV that a TPO membrane must be able to withstand.

The previous ASTM standard set in 2003 required membrane withstand 240oF for a minimum of 4 weeks. After much testing, TPO manufacturers worked with the chairman of the subcommittee to ballot a new ASTM requirement. It was passed in June that all manufacturers need to elevate their level of performance to meet the new minmum of 32 weeks at 240oF.  As you see in the photos below - Carlisle has already exceeded that expectation.

Samples Heat-Aged at 240o F

Competitor A

Competitor C

Competitor D

28 Weeks

16 Weeks

12 Weeks


Carlisle Sample
60 Weeks

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